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handcraft, ceramic, Keramik bemalen in Wien, Keramik, Vienna ceramic, töpfern, Töpfern in Wien, Vasen, bunte Vasen

Hey I'm Peppi, and this is Studio Offline. Here, the magic of handcrafted pottery fills the air. 


Hello :) We're Marion & Philip, a ceramic label from Vienna. Our main goal is to perfectly blend functionality and design. Inspired by our very hungry caterpillar, Peppi, who devours his food in no time, we've designed a special gulping bowl. However, our handmade bowls aren't limited to just that - they can be used in versatile ways: as water bowls, food bowls, or indeed as gulping bowls for the especially hungry four-legged friends. Each bowl is a unique piece, lovingly hand-painted, food-safe, and of course, dishwasher-safe. Visit our online shop now to discover the entire collection and order your personal favorites directly.

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