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Inspired by our very hungry caterpillar, Peppi, who devours his food in no time, we've designed a special gulping bowl. However, our handmade "peppi näpfe" aren't limited to just that - they can be used in versatile ways: as water bowls, food bowls, or indeed as gulping bowls for the especially hungry four-legged friends. Each bowl is a unique piece, lovingly hand-painted, food-safe, and of course, dishwasher-safe. 


please have in mind: every bowl is a unique and hand-painted piece

they can look different to the example pictures in the shop

Peppi Napf

SKU: 900127
VAT Included |
    • volume: ca. 400 ml
    • volume gulping side: ca. 1200 ml
    • outer diameter 24-25 cm
    • inner diameter 12-13 cm
    • height: 6-7 cm
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